As a qualified medical doctor, journalist and nutritional geneticist who’s obsessed with stripping back the BS that the diet industry thrives on, I’m a firm advocate of health solutions that actually work.

I graduated from University College London Medical School in London, UK, after which I worked as a junior doctor in gastroenterology at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Hospital in London, before taking time out to explore other career interests (I’m also a qualified journalist who’s worked for the BBC and CNN to name a few).

My first degree was a BSc in Human Genetics, which involved extensive research into the field of nutritional genomics (the study of how a person’s genes affects the way he or she responds to different dietary nutrients). My time spent researching this lesser-known area of nutrition,combined with my medical training opened my eyes to how far off the mark the bulk of health foods, diet pills and health products are…because they often:

  • make physiologically impossible promises e.g. melt off 5kgs of fat in 2 days
  • use effective ingredients but in quantities far too small to make any real difference in the body
  • rely on unsafe ingredients that seriously damage the body long term

In fact I recently successfully led this campaign to remove unsafe and ineffective laxatives from diet teas marketed towards impressionable teens, revealing that even some product makers have no idea how unsafe the products they sell are.

I consult with/advise health and nutrition brands – helping them discover and use evidence-based strategies to develop health products that are both safe and effective. Learn more here…. or email me directly at to discuss how we can work together.

I can also be found using science to call BS on all those health products and diets that claim they’ll ‘transform your life’. So if you’re feeling confused by the amount of conflicting health advice in the public domain and don’t know what works, head over to my blog. There’s no hype, no BS, just facts.

Take a look at this article on how food labels trick you into thinking you’re eating healthily when you’re actually eating junk to get you started on your health journey.

dr lauretta ihonor


BSc Human Genetics (Nutritional Genetics Research – 1st Class Honours) – University College London
Medical Degree (MBBS with distinction in clinical practice) – University College London
Certified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner (Metabolic Balance Method)
MA – International Journalism (Distinction grade) – London Metropolitan University