Personalised Healthy Food Shopping Trip

Are you ready to start eating a healthier diet but have no idea about:

★ The best foods to eat for your health goals?

★ How to make tasty food that’s still healthy?

★ What to replace your old junky favourites with?

★ How to make healthy eating fit in with your busy lifestyle?

Let’s go healthy food shopping!


Sticking to a healthy diet is easier than you think… once you know what you’re doing.


If eating a healthier diet (no matter the type – vegetarian, sugar free, organic etc.)  is your goal, the decisions you make in the supermarket ultimately determine if you’ll succeed or fail.



1. Because the food you bring into your house is the food you end up eating.


2. If you don’t know how to prepare all those healthy super foods you keep spending a fortune on, then you’ll never actually eat them.


3. If you don’t know how to ‘healthify’ your favourite foods, you’ll always end up going back to a junky diet.


4. And if you have no idea what you should be eating to achieve your health goals, you’re more likely to be conned into shelling out for fashionable ‘healthy’ foods that taste gross and actually do NOTHING special for the body.


So… let’s go healthy food shopping together!


We’ll meet at your local supermarket (London-based) and explore the aisles together. By the end of our 1 hour session you’ll gain total clarity on how to make healthy eating an easy, low-effort habit.

Dr Lauretta is AMAZING! Her expertise is at another level! How many fun, engaging personal health coaches can you find who have an impressive resume grounded in practical experience as a doctor?! She shared her expertise with the women in our She Is Fierce! membership group and they were blown away! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a real, personalised system to change their health (and their lives!) – and wants to have fun doing it!, Global

You’ll also get



A 28-page shopping guide that teaches you:

  • The most common misleading food labels to avoid because they disguise junk food as healthy food
  • How to read and understand nutrition labels (quickly and easily)
  • Popular health foods that aren’t worth your time and money
  • The exact foods to stock your fridge and pantry with to ensure you always have a variety of ready-to-eat healthy meals and snacks to hand




Ready to get started?


Email to discuss your needs and book your personalised 1 hour healthy grocery shopping session.

12lbs down in just over a month and still going strong! Why didn’t I do this sooner?! Looking back at my old diet and lifestyle, I was doing so much wrong but had no idea because I was doing all the healthy stuff you read about like having protein shakes and having lots of small meals. This programme has blown my mind about how simple it is to lose weight if you actually eat the foods that work for you. I was sceptical at first because so many diets turn out to be crap but I am a convert. Thank you Dr Lauretta!

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