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Why your diet needs a little bread and cake… gasp!

I usually try and keep myself out of the equation when dolling out advice on here.

I figure you guys want the scoop on how to create a healthier body and could care less about what I do on a daily basis.

That’s the same reason you’ll never find body shots of me ANYWHERE on social media because I really try to make this about my readers and clients rather than me.

However, I’ve been receiving emails and social media messages which suggest that you guys may have gotten the impression that I live off quinoa, kale and kombucha.

So, let’s turn the spotlight on me for a minute.


How to make healthy eating a habit


I LOVE carbs – pizza, cake, cookies – basically anything sweet, stodgy or comforting is my friend. But having been a little dumpy in my teens, I’ve learned the hard way that I can’t eat this stuff all day, every day without consequences. And after yo-yo dieting for about a decade, I also know it’s easier to keep weight off than to lose it.

With that said, what works for me is the 80-20 rule. I’ve talked about this before, but to recap, the 80-20 rule is based on the idea that your health and body are determined by what you do 80% of the time.

That means you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to make sensible choices 80% of the time.


It also helps if you know your body well, as that determines what a ‘sensible’ choice is for you.

In my case, I’m carb sensitive.

How do I know this?

Simple: When I eat too many carb-rich foods I gain weight and feel sluggish, so I tend to save my carbs for my ‘20%’ of each day, and instead ensure my main meals are mainly protein and veg with a serving of a higher-protein carbs like pulses or quinoa rather than rice or pasta (but remember that this applies to my body – you may be completely fine with those foods).

Other tips I live by?


Best healthy eating tips



I steer clear from fads and trendy foods. That means you won’t find any kombucha, kefir, spirulina or any other ‘superfood’ cluttering up my fridge or cupboards. Yes I enjoy a splurge in Wholefoods or Planet Organic from time to time, but I prefer to stick to easily accessible foods, and I’m all too aware that all the goodness to be gotten from spirulina is also available in spinach or watercress.


I also try to exercise a little common sense when buying products.

Everyone is trying to make a fast buck from giving commonly available foods a makeover and selling them for 10 times their price.

Turmeric capsules or latte powder, for example, can cost around £20, yet a packet of turmeric costs around £2 from the supermarket… and lasts months.

My advice? Buy the £2 packet and add your own milk and vanilla essence to it if you must have a turmeric latte.


Finally, I avoid imitation foods.

I NEVER make ‘healthy’ pizza or flourless dairy-free, sugar-free brownies because they are the saddest things ever and just make me crave the real deal more.

I’d rather have a cheese-loaded, chicken, roast onion and chorizo pizza (yes those details reflect how serious I am about pizza;)) with a real bread base a couple of times a month than a sad cauliflower crust, cashew cheese pizza every week. But with that said, I will always for quality ingredients when I do eat these types of food because there’s no benefit in loading up on lots of preservatives, e-numbers and highly processed ingredients if you can avoid it.

So, that’s a little insight into my eating habits for those of you who’ve been asking.

Remember: it’s all about giving yourself a break and not denying yourself the foods you enjoy.

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