So you:

★ Want a great body – one that looks lean, toned, healthy and makes you feel totally confident?

★ Have been trying to get in shape for years, BUT it always seems to be a case of one step forward one step back?

★ Can’t take control of pesky cravings or stick to a healthy eating plan for more than a few days?


There’s a reason for that: you’re working against your body instead of with it…


I can help in 3 ways:


★ An 8-week body transformation programme (scroll down for details)

90 minute diet & lifestyle overhaul (click for details)

Let’s go healthy food shopping service (click for details)


I work 1:1 with women who are ready to stop sabotaging their healthy eating and weight loss efforts. I help you take control of what you’re eating so you can create a lean, healthy body that looks and feels great… no fads, exaggerated promises or diet gimmicks.


My medically-approved approach keeps things simple: you’ll discover the foods that have been unknowingly making you store fat and those that work best for your specific body makeup.


The end result? In 8 weeks you’ll be in the best shape ever AND 100% clear on exactly what and how to eat to stay that way.

I have been delighted with the plan! It’s all about strategies! You find out what foods your body doesn’t respond well to, which is really insightful. It also introduced me to a wider variety of foods and helped me see where I have created my own dietary and metabolic issues in the past.
I once again feel in control of my diet and weight goals again.

Derbyshire, UK



Stage 1 – Induction

Discover why you’re not getting the body results you want: together we’ll take a close look at your diet and lifestyle to uncover the daily habits you think are healthy but are really keeping you stuck.


Stage 2 – The body reset

This stage is all about returning your body to a healthy inflammation-free state. By resetting your body to ‘blank slate’ status, you’ll

  • start to lose excess fat and look noticeably slimmer
  • restore blood sugar levels back to a normal stable level
  • eliminate sugar and junk food cravings
  • move your metabolism from fat-storing (carb burning) to fat-burning
  • sleep better and feel naturally energised


Stage 3 – Speed up fat loss

In this stage you’ll discover the exact foods that stall fat loss in your body and those that speed it up. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to instinctively eat in a way that encourages a lean healthy body because you’ll be 100% clear on what every single piece of food you eat does to your body and weight.

You’ll also learn how to exercise for maximal fat loss (no gym membership required) and how to tweak your exercise routine to prevent boredom or stalled results.


Stage 4 – Establish habits for life

In the final stage, you’ll be shown how to maintain your results long term as well as handle the challenges that often lead to weight gain.

You’ll learn:

  • How to eat out in restaurants and on holiday without going off-track
  • The buffer zone trick for keeping your weight down long-term
  • How to bounce back after falling off the wagon (because it happens to the best of us!)
  • How to minimise weight gain from drinking alcohol

You’ll also get


8 weekly 1 hour 1:1 sessions (in Central London OR via Skype)

A 50 page recipe book

A shopping guide

An eating out guide

A workbook/food diary

Daily email access to me


Ready to get started?


Email to book your FREE 30 minute consultation.

Working with Dr Lauretta was a life changing experience. She is brilliant and used her expertise to guide me in applying practical approaches to finally get rid of the extra weight I was desperate to lose and regain my overall health. Dr Lauretta is the real deal! She exceeded my expectations and got me the results I desperately needed.

Connecticut, US


Your genetics, hormone levels and gut health all influence:

  1. The way your body uses the food you eat for energy
  2. The foods your body thrives on versus those that make you look and feel terrible
  3. How much weight you gain from eating the same foods as your peers


For example, did you know that the health of your gut and its protective bacteria affects the integrity of your gut wall? When you eat foods your body is intolerant of, you can damage you gut wall – making it ‘leaky’. A leaky gut allows substances that usually stay in your bowels to enter your bloodstream, and this triggers a process called inflammation.

This inflammation can encourage weight gain by increasing the amount of the fat storing hormone, called insulin, which your body makes throughout the day. Appetite signals sent from your gut to the brain (which influences food intake and appetite) can also become distorted, leading to weight gain. It’s a complicated process that still isn’t fully understood, but the research is clear – the gut environment of obese people differs from that of slim people, and inflammation lies at the centre of this. If you remove the food that’s causing the inflammation and correct gut balance, normal metabolism is restored.


So, that’s exactly what we’ll do (and more) over 8 weeks days 


You’ll also discover your dietary ‘sweet spot’ – that is the amounts of different foods you can eat and still lose weight (a common problem for dieters is they often don’t eat enough of certain foods like carbs out of fear of weight gain when actually these foods will help stimulate the metabolism).

Ready to get started?


Email to book your FREE 30 minute consultation.

I am amazed by the results that Dr Lauretta’s approach has achieved and how easy it has been to follow. I feel that I’ve finally learnt the tools to be able to maintain a lower weight for good. It’s not just an eating plan, but really opens your eyes to how and why you eat as well as what you should eat.

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London, UK