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Teatox Petition Success! Detox Teas Just Became A Little Safer

Back in August 2016, I launched a petition to put a stop to a misleading practice favoured by detox tea manufacturers: using the laxative senna in their teas to create a false impression of weight loss.

After investigating the practice in this article, I discovered it was a pretty common worldwide despite healthcare professionals, medication regulators, pharmaceutical companies, eating disorder specialists and pharmacists all agreeing that laxatives do nothing for weight loss, increase the risk of scary health conditions (like heart, colon and muscle damage), create long term dependency on laxatives and normalise dangerous laxative misuse associated with eating disorders.

Well, after almost 3 months of campaigning, some amazing results have been achieved.

  1. Almost 29,000 signed the petition.
  2. Some fantastic media organisations covered the petition and helped raise its profile e.g. CosmoElite DailyDaily Mail and the Metro… to name a few!
  3. Bootea – a popular UK teatox maker – decided to start selling a laxative-free version of their teatox in their online store.
  4. Holland and Barrett – a key high street store selling Bootea teatoxes – agreed to start selling the laxative-free teatox in stores nationwide.
  5. Holland and Barrett held talks with Bootea and reached a decision to change the labelling on the packaging of original formula Bootea teatoxes (which is still available for those who wish to take laxative teas despite the risks and inefficacy), to make the risks clearer and also outline that people under the age of 18 should not take it.
  6. Slendertoxtea – one of the UK’s popular teatox makers, were also inspired by the petition and as a result they decided to stop using laxatives in their teatoxes.

The decision by Slendertoxtea

The Holland and Barrett decision!

It’s a great result (huge thanks for your support!) and one that hopefully paves the way for increased transparency within the diet industry.

But does this mean I’m now a fan of teatoxes?!

Errr…. no. Sorry, but I remain a firm believer that short cuts don’t work. If they did we’d all be drinking teatoxes and obesity rates would be falling, not increasing each year.

There’s only one way to get healthy and in shape, and that involves eating less junk, eating more natural wholefoods and doing more exercise. There are of course, scientifically validated tweaks and tricks for maximising the results you get from cleaning up your diet and exercising (like switching steady state exercise for HIIT), but they have little to do with drinking a cup of tea each day.

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